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How to scale your telemarketing and improve lead generation with Voice AI

Speed up your selling process by leveraging Voice AI in lead qualification

With an average conversion rate of 3% for telemarketing calls, there is no doubt that trying to get leads by cold calling might pose great challenges for call centre agents. In these situations, Voice AI can be an invaluable tool to increase customer conversion – and here’s why.

Cold-calling could place too much pressure on man-hours and costs, especially for young start-ups looking to scale their user base rapidly in the early days as soon as a product is available.

Telemarketers who are forced to repeat the same phrases to uninterested customers have little room to practice their soft skills such as persuasion and negotiation. The cycle of making unproductive calls will continue to put a strain on resources.

To avoid this, automating the first step of the telemarketing process could save more time and effort, to ensure that only warm leads are brought to the subsequent stages.

Voice AI does the first layer of lead qualification

At this point of the customer journey, most customers would belong in the awareness stage of the marketing funnel. Through AI-powered voice assistants, we are able to filter out customers who have met the criteria to move up to the consideration stage.

Telemarketing powered by Voice AI

Equipped with automatic speech recognition (ASR) and natural language understanding (NLU), Voice AI assistants are able to recognise a customer’s intent, hence being able to gauge the level of interest a customer has in the product or service. The voice assistant will then direct warm leads – interested customers who are likely to bring valuable responses – to human telemarketers.

With that, telemarketers will be able to focus on persuasion and negotiation, sharing more about the products and their benefits, a process which allows them to put their soft skills to good use.

Voice AI gives telemarketers a rough idea of their buyer profile

It’s important for telemarketers to have a good understanding of the customer on the line. Voice AI is able to collect and analyse customer data, which can be used to build customer profiles and help telemarketers understand their audience better. This way, they are able to prepare their pitch in a more targeted manner, which would lead to more successful conversion rates.

While profitability is a priority for businesses, CX also remains one of the most important factors of consideration. When a telemarketer is aware of the buyer’s profile, they will be able to speak to them in a tone and language that best suits their level of understanding.

Customers want to be assured that businesses have their best interest at heart. Having a good understanding of the customer also allows telemarketers to speak with more empathy and address their needs better. After all, the last thing any marketer should do is give the same standard advice, as every customer has their own set of unique wants and needs.

Voice AI collects invaluable data on telemarketers’ previous calls

Most telemarketing companies keep an archive of recorded calls, for agents to continue learning and gathering insights from previous calls. While this continues to be a valuable practice, the data stored on these recordings tend to be difficult to sieve through, which might make it difficult for marketers to gather useful information.

Recorded calls contain a massive amount of data that can be used to the advantage of the business, but could easily be missed when manually sifted through. With voice AI, important customer data can easily be collected from past calls, by making use of voice data. This taps on the nuances of customer decision making in previous calls, to understand their habits and preferences better.

Voice AI provides telemarketers with an accurate archive of data that can be used for future learning purposes, thus ensuring quality service for customers.

Automated data collection  from recorded calls can take telemarketing to the next level, as this can be a constant source of new insights and help telemarketers communicate more effectively.

As telemarketing picks up speed in the emergence of digital-first businesses, voice AI is an important aspect that can ensure your business reaches warm leads, boosting productivity and profitability. From learning about customers to picking up new soft skills, voice AI can bring businesses closer to customers and achieve their goals for expansion.

Zoe Wang
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