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Whether you’re paying a bill, transferring money, applying for a loan or even seeking advice, heading online has become second nature for today’s consumers and business customers.

banking and finance

This significant and sudden change in behaviour has created a challenge for call centres and digital service agents across the banking and financial services industry as they struggle to keep pace with demand.

Forget what you know about voice activated menus. AI Rudder combines leading-edge natural language understanding, automatic speech recognition and text to speech to conduct personal two-way conversations with near-human intelligence. In local languages and regional accents, it’s hard to tell the difference.

The rise of digital banks and fintech startups has put further pressure on legacy platforms.

AI Rudder can handle routine processes, reducing high-stress and high-volume work that human call operators face at all hours. Human agents can focus on providing specialised support, augmented with knowledge from data gathered from voice transcription and customer data collection.

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Banking and finance automations

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“AI Rudder lets us know their new features quickly. For instance, they upgraded our voice AI to address customers differently by their gender. This added more human touch and is very helpful in opening the conversation.”

Danafix, Igor Tolstov, Head of collection

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“A large proportion of B2C communication is repetitive — you ask/answer common questions, confirm info, remind people to do things… AI Rudder’s voice AI takes all these off the shoulder of our staff. Bravo!"

Finvolution, Michael Li, Country Manager

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“The voice AI transforms our interaction with customers. By calling them in a large scale at the same time, we gain incredible insights to improve our strategy. The voice AI also give a good customer experience.”


Demo: AI Rudder banking and finance in action

Demo: AI Rudder banking and finance in action

Solutions for Banking & Finance


WeCall AI Assistants

Serve more customers across multiple channels more efficiently, without compromising quality. Now you’re talking.


WeScribe Quality Assurance

Improve the quality of your calls, agents and insights at scale by capturing, analysing and optimising every single interaction.

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WeGrow Chatbot Solution

Improve your customer engagement and keep your customer support going around the clock in your customer’s language.