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Using GenAI to Uncover Insights Across Your Sales Funnel

Know your customers better by leveraging GenAI and call analysis.

"B-E-E!" an exasperated customer exclaims on the phone. He's already been bounced around different IVR systems, finding himself in a conversational loop, unable to get the help he urgently needs for his bee problem.

"Are you connecting me to a bot?" another frustrated customer questions. Having spent valuable minutes speaking to a representative, she suddenly finds herself transferred to an AI system. It's not the technology that annoys her; it's the incessant transferring and lack of resolution.

In both instances, the problems remain unsolved, leaving unhappy customers in their wake.

If you're a pay-per-call or performance marketer, do you genuinely understand the conversations taking place between customers and your affiliates or advertisers? Have their issues been resolved effectively in those calls you're paying for? Are they satisfied with the experience?

Yes, you could meticulously analyze those conversation recordings yourself if you have the luxury of time and patience. However, as your business scales, this method becomes less feasible and far from comprehensive. This is where Generative AI (GenAI) steps in to revolutionize your approach.

First Step: Engage GenAI to Converse with Your Customers

AI Rudder's GenAI goes beyond traditional AI, offering a "voice", "ears", and a "mind" of its own. Built on Speech-to-Text, Large Language Model, and Text-to-Speech technologies, GenAI can convert customer's voices into text, process and comprehend the information, and then generate a spoken response, thus facilitating a conversation.

AI Rudder, with its expertise in performance marketing, has engineered GenAI to extract key customer information needed to deliver optimal services. This includes details such as zip code, name, income, credit score, address, email, and specific situational data. Not only can GenAI address pertinent customer queries, but it can also generate answers, similar to ChatGPT, either pre-determined by you or learned from the data it gathers. This allows GenAI to act as a bridge, enhancing the understanding between you and your customers.

Second Step: Enable GenAI to Help You Understand Your Customers

Every interaction between GenAI and your customers is logged into the system automatically. This data assists you in determining:

  • When to anticipate customer calls: With customers spanning different time zones, jobs, and behavioral patterns, the processed data from GenAI can predict the most probable hours, days, or months you can expect increased call volumes. This information can be invaluable in evaluating the effectiveness of your SEO/SEM strategies and planning resource allocation.
  • Customers' needs: GenAI can pose scenario-based questions to better understand the customer's specific needs. Whether it's asking about the type of pests troubling a customer or the kind of bathroom remodel they desire, GenAI records these key talking points. Over time, it can present you with a holistic view of customer needs (or "intents"), allowing you to tailor your service offerings better.
  • Individual call details: At times, you might want to deep dive into specific calls or incidents. GenAI provides access to call recordings and transcripts, summarizing the vital stats of the calls like call time, duration, disconnect reasons, and intents. This level of detail can pinpoint areas of conversation design and question-list improvement.
  • Technical glitches: Since multiple factors can influence the outcome of customer calls, glitches may occur unbeknownst to you, affecting your profit margins. Be it silent calls, customers asking for unsuitable services, or abnormal key metrics such as connectivity or duration, GenAI flags these issues, enabling you to address them promptly.

Final Step: Expand Your Business Based on Informed Decisions

Equipped with the ability to scale call volumes, understand customer needs, enhance conversations, and identify potential issues, GenAI empowers you to devise a well-rounded plan to grow your business. Keep in mind that GenAI can handle an infinite number of phone calls without the need for additional infrastructure or significant investment. It delivers stable, consistent performance that improves over time as it learns from its interactions.

In essence, with GenAI, your business can experience accelerated growth in both scale and quality.

Experience it For Yourself

Want to see your campaigns succeed with less hassle? Give GenAI a shot today by calling (424) 370-1747. AI Rudder's GenAI will be there to take your call. Alternatively, you can contact our team member Alex for more information.

About AI Rudder

AI Rudder is a premier GenAI company, leveraging voice and language technologies to craft solutions for lead qualification, marketing, and customer service. Backed by investments from Sequoia, Tiger Global, and Coatue, AI Rudder is on a mission to transform business-customer engagement, offering an automated, efficient, and delightful experience.

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About AI Rudder

Founded in 2019, AI Rudder is a leading conversational AI platform and solution provider with expertise in lead generation, customer service, and technology. Backed by Sequoia, Tiger Global, and others, over 200 enterprises globally leverage our technology and practical expertise to contact 1M+ customers daily.
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