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Announcing AI Rudder Call Rescue: Transforming Pay Per Call RPCs One Dropped Call at a Time

We're proud to officially announce our Call Rescue solution making waves with top networks, transforming the pay per call industry one dropped call at a time.

Introducing AI Rudder Call Rescue: Transforming Pay Per Call RPCs One Dropped Call at a Time

As technologists at heart, our journey into the world of pay per call has included a small handful of moments of pure shock and horror. Perhaps none as powerful as when we first heard of the number of calls hitting the floor during open enrollment season. We knew there had to be a better way.

After several months of hard work by our team and early adopters, we can confirm that indeed, a better way has arrived. and we call it call rescue.

The Results

Over the past several months, we developed and a state of the art conversational AI call rescue solution. By pre-qualifying consumers, obtaining their explicit consent, and booking call-back appointments, the solution transformed this year's open enrollment season for several of the industry's largest and most respected networks.

The results speak for themselves: AI Rudder can save between 20%-50% of calls, raising revenue per call considerably. This results in a 7x-10x Return on AI Spend (ROAIS) for our customers.

Now, we're ready to deploy across more verticals and use cases. Learn more and book a demo here.

Understanding the Problem: The Role and Impact of Dropped Calls

In today's competitive media buying landscape, retaining and converting calls generated is crucial for everyone in the pay per call ecosystem. If buyers and networks are unable to consistently receive and convert high-intent callers, publishers will look elsewhere, and visa versa.

So, what happens when call supply exceeds available concurrency caps on the floor? What happens to social media traffic generated after call center hours?

The answer is nothing short of devastating. In our surveying of AI Rudder customers, we were shocked to find that as many as 30% of calls generated by publishers and networks in the pay-per-call industry end up "hitting the floor," meaning they are either left unanswered or dropped by end buyers.

For the most part, it was viewed as an unfortunate "cost of doing business". However, as always, we saw it as a massive opportunity for AI solutions to come to the rescue.

How can this be? Leading causes of dropped calls:

Our investigation led us to several leading causes of dropped calls.

Buyer availability and concurrency caps. Particularly in high seasons, like open enrollment in medicare, it is simply too difficult for end buyers to temporarily staff up sufficiently to meet the influx of supply of calls from performance marketing partners.

Call center hours and lack of precision in media buying controls. Depending on a publisher's platform of choice, several calls may be coming in before or after buyer call center hours, particularly in the case of national campaigns spanning several timezones.

Calls dropped purposefully by buyers before hitting duration. Fronters are specially trained to assess whether a customer is qualified and or likely to buy, and make a split-second decision. This is particularly the case in CPL campaigns, or when agents are compensated on a commission basis.

The Solution: AI Rudder Call Rescue

How it works

AI Rudder's technology handles both incoming transfers and consumer-initiated inbounds. In the case of owned and operated (O&O) traffic, we can even turn leads into calls in real time. The AI first pre-qualifies the consumer and obtains their explicit consent before booking a call-back appointment if their transfer to a service provider fails for any reason. By integrating with call tracking providers, the AI initiates an HTTP ping to check buyer availability while holding customers in an artificial call queue, providing consumers with several more opportunities to connect to a service provider than traditional campaigns. If the transfer still fails, the consumer is called back at their scheduled appointment. Depending on relationships with buyers, the resulting appointments booked can be sold directly as appointments, transfers, or still las consumer-initiated inbounds.

Addressing Dropped Calls of All Kinds

Buyer availability and concurrency caps. As a publisher or network, there is conventionally very little one can do, beyond adding more buyers to the campaign. By using AI Rudder, you can gain a distinct advantage over competing traffic sources. Whereas a traditional inbound has s single opportunity to connect with potential buyers at the instantaneous moment of the call, AI Rudder's ping/post integration and artificial call queue increases the consumer's chance of being connected to a service provider by several hundred percent.

Call center hours and lack of precision in media buying controls. By using AI Rudder, publishers can now run ads 24/7. AI Rudder can converse with customers at any hour, pre-qualifying them for the offer, capturing necessary information, and automatically calling the consumer back during call center hours at their desired time.

Calls dropped purposefully by buyers before hitting duration. Dropped calls of this variety are largely justified, however sources with a higher net billable rate or conversion rate will always be favored in the battle for buyer budgets. In applicable use cases and verticals, AI Rudder can pre-qualify callers, ensuring a near 100% billable rate by the time they hit buyers.

Kevin De Vincezi, performance marketing pioneer
XY7Elite.com, leading pay per call and affiliate network.
"The world is changing rapidly, and performance marketers need to be among the first to adapt. Utilizing AI for calls, especially to rescue dropped calls, has been something that has been needed for many years. It is truly having us reach our monetization potential and providing consumers with a much better experience." 

Kevin De Vincezi, Founder and CEO of XY7Elite and Rapid Response Marketing

The Results: Promising

Implementing AI Rudder's call rescue technology has shown spectacular results during this year's open enrollment period for medical insurance. By working with several top pay-per-call networks, we saved between 20%-50% of calls on average, raising revenue per call considerably and providing customers with a 7x-10x return on AI spend.

Further Considerations and Nuances

As with all our solutions, this is a disruptive that will dramatically benefit adopters. With that said, it is not for everybody, and won't come without a fair share of growing pains in the industry. For example, if consumer-initiated inbounds are first converted into scheduled appointments, are they still to be treated as inbounds, or can they only be sold as transfers. In the case of networks, how are publishers to be compensated?

Rest assured. Our team, spectacular customers, legal counsel, and partner solution providers have considered these issues  and others in great detail. If you're interested to discuss, please grab a time with us at https://airudder.com/sign-up/.

Additional and Related Applications

AI Rudder's technology is not limited to rescuing calls in the medical insurance sector. It offers numerous benefits to a wide range of industries and clients, demonstrating the versatility and scalability of the platform.

AI Rudder supports various verticals, including dental care, pest control, and solar installation. This showcases the adaptability of AI Rudder's call rescue system, catering to businesses across various industries with unique needs and requirements.

The platform has proven its effectiveness by serving over 200 enterprise clients and handling millions of calls daily. This impressive track record highlights AI Rudder's reliability and performance, solidifying its position as a leader in the conversational AI industry.

Get Access: Start Transforming Your Campaigns Today

Now that you've learned how AI Rudder's call rescue technology has the potential to save between 20%-50% of calls and raise revenue per call considerably, it's time to take action. Don't let your high-intent calls with consumers go to waste. Experience the benefits of AI Rudder's expertise and innovations for yourself:

  • Book a demo and discover how AI Rudder can seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure to improve lead conversion rates and increase revenue per call.
  • Explore the wide range of verticals and industries that AI Rudder supports, including dental care, pest control, credit repair, solar installation, and debt relief.
  • Learn more about AI Rudder's features, capabilities, and the impressive results seen during this year's open enrollment period for medical insurance.

Take the first step towards transforming your campaign performance by visiting https://airudder.com/sign-up today.

About AI Rudder: A Leader in Conversational AI for Performance Marketing

AI Rudder is a leading conversational AI platform specializing in performance marketing. The company has developed a range of cutting-edge solutions that address common challenges faced by businesses in the pay-per-call industry across several verticals. With unparalleled industry expertise, workflows designed with pay per call in mind, and heavy focus on TCPA compliance, we're transforming pay per call one campaign at a time.

In addition to call rescue, AI Rudder also excels in intelligently qualifying and routing inbound calls, ensuring that leads are directed to the most suitable service providers. It can also intelligently cross sell and down sell calls in relevant verticals, resulting in unprecedented monetization figures for inbound calls.

AI Rudder's seamless integration with CCaaS, LMS, and CRM systems allows businesses to effortlessly incorporate the platform into their existing workflows, maximizing efficiency and minimizing disruptions.

Finally, AI Rudder provides superior campaign visibility through analytics and reporting. Businesses can gain valuable insights into the performance of their campaigns, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their strategies for even better results. Visit https://airudder.com/usa/sign-up to book a demo and discover how AI Rudder's conversational AI solutions can transform your performance marketing efforts.

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