2 in 3 businesses using Voice AI experienced better customer satisfaction and retention

The Important Role of Voice AI in Digital Transformation

Ernest Lee

Marketing and Communications, AI Rudder

As Covid-19 continues to wage war on global economies, businesses around the world are pinning their hopes on their new favourite word – transformation. 

To combat challenges caused by the virus, nearly every industry has been forced to undertake technology-led transformation at some level over the past two years. New research from AI Rudder & Ecosystem shows that 77% of businesses in Asia Pacific have either started, refocused or accelerated their digital transformation efforts since Covid-19 in a bid to enhance both customer and employee experience.

At AI Rudder, our team has recently completed a total redesign of our user interface — with sleek new visuals and a user experience that is easy to navigate — to help customers plan, execute and optimise their AI-powered voice assistants more efficiently. The new user experience integrates all of our voice AI applications from telemarketing to loan collection and information verification, providing users with a unified workspace to view and manage their active campaigns and past projects. Further, upgraded dashboard capabilities on the new user interface will allow for real-time project tracking and monitoring, and added features for users to enhance their safety and security permissions. 

As we stumble into a new year, all businesses are making customer experience a key priority to ‘transform’ their approach. And if you’re not, this is why you should be shifting your focus.

CX is a Key Focus Area for 2022

Perhaps the biggest change organisations experienced during the pandemic was the quick evolution of customer expectations. Pandemic-weary consumers are running out of patience, and want both speed and flexibility in their digital interactions. 

Salesforce data shows three in four customer service professionals are finding it increasingly challenging to manage case volume since the pandemic. In response, businesses around the region are ramping up their CX efforts — AI Rudder found 64% have made CX a key priority right now, while almost 1 in 2 (46%) plan to increase their use of digital CX technologies in the coming year. 

Businesses are Investing in Digital Solutions

Whether businesses are focusing on the present or planning for the future, many are keen on leveraging AI and automation to deliver better customer experiences. Our research shows 30% more businesses plan to start using technologies like automated robots and speech analytics in 2022, while another 25% are investing in chatbots and virtual assistants.

And these investments in technology to address CX woes already seem to be paying off – 77% of customer service agents say that automating routine tasks frees up their capacity to focus on more complex tasks.

Standing Out with Voice AI

There are numerous tech avenues to support better CX, but the unique advantage of Voice AI is providing a comprehensive solution for digital CX needs by managing multiple calls at a time. This not only helps businesses cut costs, but also free up manual agents’ time for more complex tasks. 

In fact, a well-designed Voice AI solution is shown to deliver the same level of customer experience as a human agent. Today, Voice AI bots can go beyond just the words spoken — they can process the customers’ tone and behaviour to understand and respond to their intent. 

The results speak for themselves — 67% of businesses using Voice AI report better customer satisfaction and retention, while more than half also report a reduction in process times and operating costs, according to AI Rudder’s research.

The common thread that must run through all CX efforts right now is the need to ensure that customer touchpoints are easily accessible and user-friendly to engage and retain customers today. Additionally, for Voice AI technology to drive scale and growth, businesses must experiment, learn and deploy faster than ever. Our Voice AI’s ability to simplify service processes, optimise productivity and activate and retain more customers might be businesses’ best bet to achieve customer expectations as they continue evolving in the post-pandemic era.

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