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Enhance your customer experience with our all-in-one call centre solution.

Traditional methods of customer service are becoming unsustainable in the face of rapid digitalisation, made worse by a limited workforce. As a result, call centres have scrambled to add new functionalities, creating complicated systems that are difficult to use and expensive to manage and maintain.

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The Solution?

An integrated platform that unifies all voice assistants, chatbots, quality assurance, and predictive dialing system (PDS) in one place no matter where the conversation started

With WeCC, you can create seamless customer interactions with calls, messages and OTT chats all in one cloud-based call centre platform. Deploy the best solution for agents and managers with powerful integrations that empower your team to supercharge customer experiences.

All-in-one call centre powered with AI

All-in-one call centre powered with AI

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Manage your call centre from one place

Manage your communications, get real-time productivity dashboard report, monitor and analyse customer interactions from a centralised platform.

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Make every conversation a seamless experience

Deliver and manage the information chain effectively across every conversation no matter the channel on a central platform.

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Predictive dialing system

Optimise your operations by automating bulk calling, filtering out busy lines, voicemails, unanswered calls, and only connecting answered calls to agents to boost efficiency.


Scale effortlessly

Make and respond to thousands of concurrent calls at the same level of service without creating more work for agents for both inbound and outbound communications.

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Rapid return on investment

Deploy and customise your AI voice assistants in just a few weeks – pay only for what you need with no fixed fees.

world leading

World-leading technology

Our AI is able to process human conversations, receive and interpret customer intent and communicate at scale to a level of near-human intelligence.

Read Success Story

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“AI Rudder lets us know their new features quickly. For instance, they upgraded our voice AI to address customers differently by their gender. This added more human touch and is very helpful in opening the conversation.”

Danafix, Igor Tolstov, Head of collection

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“A large proportion of B2C communication is repetitive — you ask/answer common questions, confirm info, remind people to do things… AI Rudder’s voice AI takes all these off the shoulder of our staff. Bravo!"

Finvolution, Michael Li, Country Manager

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“The voice AI transforms our interaction with customers. By calling them in a large scale at the same time, we gain incredible insights to improve our strategy. The voice AI also give a good customer experience.”