Voice AI Is The Future For eCommerce Businesses

Use AI-powered voice assistants to supercharge your customer experience in the eCommerce industry. Improve agent performance, automate your call center and scale your business.

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Voice AI

The Ideal Solution For Fast Growing eCommerce

The eCommerce industry is highly dependent on fast and effective customer service. While automated technology already forms a powerful foundation, voice AI agents are the next step towards better, more efficient and profitable processes. Automate repetitive tasks like:

pay what you use

Payment reminder for Buy-Now-Pay-Later(BNPL)


Merchant promotion activation


Cash on delivery (COD) confirmation calls


Customer Information verification (KYC)

Three Reasons Why Your eCommerce Company Needs Voice AI


Serve more customers at a lower cost with voice AI

When your eCommerce business takes off, you don't want your business to be limited by how many calls your call center agents can handle. Let AI voice assistants manage high-volume, repetitive calls and operate at larger scale without drastically increasing your costs.

This frees your existing agents to focus on more complex conversations, talk to pre-qualified prospects and have higher conversion, upsell and cross-sell rates.

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Automate payment options and drastically improve successful collection rates

As your orders grow, scale with the peace of mind that you'll get paid, while winning new customers by offering flexible payment terms like Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) and Cash-On-Delivery (COD). With voice AI assistants you can automatically verify customer information, payment confirmations and make pre-due and overdue reminder calls.

These calls are critical to avoiding fraud, optimizing collection rates and providing a good customer experience. Grow your revenue and reach more customers without burdening your call agents.


Unlock new eCommerce growth opportunities with rich customer data

Most call centers only analyze 3% of interactions because of the costs and difficulty. With voice AI, calls will be automatically recorded and transcribed with machine efficiency and consistency, allowing for more robust data like customer intent, pain points and sentiment to be analysed.

By having more data at your fingertips, especially customer verification (KYC) and BNPL data, you'll gain actionable insights to identify new revenue opportunities, issues in the process and deliver a better customer experience which will open doors for you to scale your profits.

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