Trusted support and personalised service at scale

Driven by big data, health apps, connected devices and artificial intelligence, the traditional insurance model is being disrupted at every point in the value chain from distribution and underwriting, to pricing and claims – all accelerated by the pandemic.

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Trust is at the core of the insurance industry, especially in times of crisis.

Customers now expect always-on support, with personalised advice, prompt service and accurate recommendations directly impacting people’s well-being.

Far beyond traditional robotic interactive voice response (IVR) and numerical checklists, AI Rudder handles complex and non-routine queries that require human judgement such as deferring premium payments or accessing insurance payouts in times of stress.

Accurately triaging or prioritising problems or intents means customers can be quickly directed to the right agent for support. Moreover, fast and effective resolution of more routine requests and enquiries means customers do not have to call repeatedly, reducing the burden on call centres.

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Insurance automations

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“AI Rudder lets us know their new features quickly. For instance, they upgraded our voice AI to address customers differently by their gender. This added more human touch and is very helpful in opening the conversation.”

Danafix, Igor Tolstov, Head of collection

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“A large proportion of B2C communication is repetitive — you ask/answer common questions, confirm info, remind people to do things… AI Rudder’s voice AI takes all these off the shoulder of our staff. Bravo!"

Finvolution, Michael Li, Country Manager

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“The voice AI transforms our interaction with customers. By calling them in a large scale at the same time, we gain incredible insights to improve our strategy. The voice AI also give a good customer experience.”


Solutions for Insurance


WeCall AI Assistants

Serve more customers across multiple channels more efficiently, without compromising quality. Now you’re talking.


WeScribe Quality Assurance

Improve the quality of your calls, agents and insights at scale by capturing, analysing and optimising every single interaction.

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WeGrow Chatbot Solution

Improve your customer engagement and keep your customer support going around the clock in your customer’s language.