Voice AI is transforming every industry, including yours

After years of promise, the simultaneous rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning and mainstream acceptance has made voice AI one of the most transformative innovations shaping the future of customer experience.

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Growing rapidly, the speech and voice recognition market is forecast to reach $26.79 billion by 2025.

At AI Rudder, we believe the future of service will combine the best of human and artificial intelligence.
Massive technology advances mean voice AI has never been more human. It has changed the way businesses collect and process data, and transformed backend operations. Voice AI bridges the gap between customers’ digital demands and businesses’ capabilities to deliver consistent service.

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Intelligent industry solutions

Voice AI has powerful applications for any business with a high volume of customer interactions. AI Rudder has delivered proven results across a range of industries.

banking and finance cion

Banking & Finance

Loan collections, payment reminders, lead generation, application updates…



Applications, policy renewals, premium reminders, claim status updates…

ecommerce and retail

Ecommerce & Retail

Order confirmations, payment reminders, delivery notifications, order feedback…

logistics and supply chain

Logistics & Supply Chain

Shipping status checks, cash on delivery alerts, reschedules, order updates…

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“AI Rudder lets us know their new features quickly. For instance, they upgraded our voice AI to address customers differently by their gender. This added more human touch and is very helpful in opening the conversation.”

Danafix, Igor Tolstov, Head of collection

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“A large proportion of B2C communication is repetitive — you ask/answer common questions, confirm info, remind people to do things… AI Rudder’s voice AI takes all these off the shoulder of our staff. Bravo!"

Finvolution, Michael Li, Country Manager

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“The voice AI transforms our interaction with customers. By calling them in a large scale at the same time, we gain incredible insights to improve our strategy. The voice AI also give a good customer experience.”