About Us

Increase the scale, speed and quality of your customer experience with a human-like AI voice assistant.

About Ai Rudder

Our Mission

To Help You Harness The Power Of AI And Supercharge Your Customer's Experience

AI Rudder is here to steer innovation and establish a new foundation for business to consumer communication. With more than a decade of experience developing AI solutions, we are revolutionising customer engagement by combining humans and AI to make your customer's experience seamless.

Ai Voice Assistant

Why We Exist

In order to run a large-scale business communicating with hundreds of thousands of customers, you need to have a call center full of call agents working 9-5, doing high-volume, repetitive jobs with human-level accuracy.

Tasks get overlooked.  Employees are exhausted.  Data collection and analysis is subpar.  Customers aren't getting the best service.

And there is simply a hard limit on how many calls can be made by one person.

Voice AI changes everything.

AI Rudder Is The Future Of B2C Communication

We use voice AI assistants to take on high-volume repetitive tasks.  By passing on these tasks, your business will be able to provide quality human-like service at lightning speeds, collecting and analysing data automatically to help you pinpoint areas to profit and scale.

Globally, businesses spend over $1 trillion on customer service calls… imagine how much your business could save and divert to more important expenses.  And all this means that your employees will be able to engage in more meaningful tasks and your customers will enjoy seamless, succinct natural conversations in their local languages.

The potential is limitless when AI and humans work together.

Why AI Rudder Is Right For Your Business

About Backed Experience

We Know Our Tech Inside & Out

Instead of integrating with AI services from 3rd party vendors, we built our own AI technology from scratch and have served thousands of users speaking multiple languages.

Backed By Experience

Our team has 10+ years of experience in developing AI across global markets, as well as 10+ years serving industries with SaaS such as business, finance, e-commerce, insurance, etc.

Trusted By Industries

We have over 100 clients in Southeast Asia, India and other major parts of the world, covering verticals including finance, high-tech and other industries.

We Protect Your Data

Your data security is our top priority.  We have a dedicated data-protection module for masking sensitive data during integration and we provide SIP-level phone number rotation as well as other security measures.

Ready In Two Weeks

A trial can be set up in as little as one day, and it only takes two weeks for the technical integration of voice AI, or you can use our UI without integration at all.

Pay As You Go

We only charge calls that are answered. No conversation, no fee.

24/7 Dedicated Support

We offer top-class support.  Our technicians and customer success managers are available to help you 24/7.

About Data Security

Meet The Leadership Team

AI Rudder is our passion project to make global business communication easy, profitable and scalable.  We strive to push AI development to the limit and achieve intelligent behaviour where machines become indistinguishable from humans.

Meet the minds leading the charge:


Teng Ren

CEO in charge of the AI Team.
Co-founder of CooTek, over
10 years in AI and NLP.

Kun Wu

Kun Wu

COO in charge of the Revenue Team.
Former Head of AI Lab of CooTek,
over 10 years in AI and NLP.

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Tony Chen

Executive Director in charge of the
R&D and Operations Team. 15 years'
experience in enterprise solutions